Welcome to Employment Opportunites here at Remlinger Farms

Our Hiring Process

Since Remlinger Farms hires almost 200 employees each summer, we have developed a very streamlined hiring process with one interview allowing you to be considered for employment with any one of the independent companies that do business as Remlinger Farms.

   First, click on EACH of the icons below to bring up the forms to be filled out. We require the first 3 (Application Form, W-4, and I-9 Form) for everyone 18 and older, and all 4 (Minor Authorization form included) for all minors. These forms can all be filled out electronically, then printed out and brought to our office.

  Next, stop by or call the farm office, (425) 333-4135, to reserve a space in one of our group interviews. This group interview will last about an hour and a half and will give you a basic orientation about employment at the farm and our safety policies.

  After the informational portion of the interview, you will meet one-on-one with a manager to discuss your skills, previous experience, and desired area of employment. At this time, the manager will go over your employment paperwork with you and will determine if any additional forms are needed (e.g. Emergency Contact Form, or Minor Form for workers under 18 years of age).

  Be sure to bring all of your completed paperwork with you to your interview.

  With your application, you will need to provide your Social Security Card, current ID, proof of age (if under 18 years old), and any additional documentation as required by the Federal Government (see the I-9 form in the application packet for more information).

  You will be contacted after your interview to discuss which areas you are being considered for and any training and start dates. In some cases, a second interview may be necessary to meet with an individual department manager.

We hope to see you soon!

All the Forms You'll Need

Remlinger Farms Application

   Remlinger Application

Application Form

This is our main application form for Remlinger Farms

Form W-4

   W-4 Form    

W-4 Form

This is the W-4 form required by the I.R.S. for all employment

Form I-9

   I-9 Form    

I-9 Form

This is the Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form

Minor Authorization Form

   Minor Authorization  

Minor Authorization

This is our Parental Authorization for required for all minors