Our Lamancha Goats…

Beth Marcey Farm Life

Why are my ears so petite and Pixie like you ask? A short history of the American Lamancha Goat…….

At first glance an American Lamancha Goat looks as if it does not have any ears. But as you look closer you will likely see a petite ear often described as a Pixie or Gopher style of ear.

These sweet little goats’ Spanish ancestors originally haled from a wine region plateau in Spain for which they have been named- La Mancha.  However, the American Lamancha originally came from right here in the NW, from our next door neighbors in Oregon. Mrs. Eula Fay Frey first bred the goats in Oregon back in the 1950’s. Lamancha Goats are considered to be a part of the Dairy Goat family. Lamanchas are well known for their high yield of milk containing a high butterfat content.

One interesting fact about the American Lamancha Goat is that they are the only known breed to have been developed in the United States. The Lamanchas ears are very Pixie like in nature and have little to no cartilage, this gives their heads a very smooth appearance. The exact heritage of the Lamancha Goat is really unknown, however there is reference to short- eared goats throughout history.  We do know that our American Lamanchas do have an ancestry which includes Murcia Goats. Murcia Goats originate from the Murcia Province along the Mediterranean coast of southeastern Spain.

Succeeding in your farm goals…

When Mrs. Frey originally created the American Lamancha Goats her goal was to better her dairy farm. She wanted a goat that would “produce 3 ½ to 6 quarts of fine-flavored milk with 3.5% or more butterfat over a period of one to four years”. She succeeded in her goal.

Ambassadors of good will and the creators of big smiles…

When it comes to our baby Lamancha goats, we just want them to stay the friendly little sweethearts that they are now and provide our guests with a big smile! Stop by the farm and visit our baby Lamancha Goats and fill your happy quota for the day!