Advertise to your group that you will be selling Remlinger Farms, fresh fruit pies as a fun way to raise funds for your event, while supporting your local farmers. Let them know that they may place their delicious pie orders right through you AND help your fundraising efforts at the same time.

Collect your preorders and payments from your participants then call or email your pie orders directly to us so that we can start your special handmade pies.

Pick up your pies from our location or if you prefer, have them delivered to one location of your choosing (for a small fee), so that you may deliver them to your happy fundraiser participants![/cs_content_seo]

Strawberry PickingThat's Gary Remlinger on his tractor

Everyone loves our delicious, locally handmade fruit pies! We make each one right here at Remlinger Farms, following our old family recipe, leaving out the preservatives and adding only real ingredients, giving them that special one of a kind farm fresh fruit flavor.

Our pies practically sell themselves at your fundraising events!

You will have the benefit of purchasing our pies at our special fundraising rate and you have the freedom to set the price you want to sell them for in order to reach your fundraising goals. No mess or fuss, just order what you need, choose your deliver or pick-up option and you keep the profits over our special fundraising price! We make it so easy for you to raise money while making your participants happy to be a part of your delicious fundraising event!.

For more information- Please contact: Paula via email at: Paula@remlingerfarms.com or call 425-333-4135 ext.251

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