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Pining for the simple farm life…

Who amongst us wouldn’t love to be transported to a simpler day and time? One where in our minds, we ran carefree through the daisy fields and your biggest concern was beating the evening traffic home!

It is easy to fall into a head space where we forget about those “fun days” we had as a family, walks on trails, swimming in local lakes and visits to Remlinger Farms for pony rides and ice-cream cones. I am reminded of a saying from my mother that undoubtably many of you have heard, “this too shall pass”.

I think that we need to give ourselves a break and realize that even though we are adults now (well sort of), we still want to have a little fun too! There is no doubt that many of us adults are just chomping at the bit (farm talk) to revisit some of our favorite memories as a kid! Do you remember the first time you climbed the huge hard slide at the local fair and slid down on that farm gunny sack? It seemed like you would never reach the bottom, but as soon as you did, you were ready to go again. We are bringing that nostalgic memory back to life this year with the addition of our BIG HARD SLIDE and yep kids, this one is for the adults too! What about the marvel of riding around and around on the carousel horses, bobbing up and down, feeling like a fairy princess or prince or maybe a cowboy or cowgirl out on the open range. We are bringing that memory back for you too with our new VINTAGE CAROUSEL RIDE, now fully restored.

No peeking until your next visit…

Just like all of you, we are ready for a bunch of outdoor, wholesome family fun. Our animals are just waiting for the attention they get from all the happy children and the endless supply of quarters that the adults provide for those coveted green pellet treats that the animals love so much. They are ready to run around and kick up their heels, putting on a show for all to see. Our new babies are growing fast, eventually turning into adults that play a vital roll on the farm. While many animals are needed for the milk and eggs that they provide to our local food supply, our animals only jobs are to be “good will” ambassadors to our guests, and that job they do very well!

Navigating the “new normal”…

In these unprecedented times, we are all finding ourselves navigating through unchartered waters, working our way carefully toward the balance of good old fashioned family fun and new rules and practices to keep everyone as safe as possible. Farms are no stranger to changes, but never before in any of our lifetimes have we anticipated the changes needed today. We all know that going outside and soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air does a lot for our mind, body and spirit, so we are working within the confines of the new box by thinking outside of the old one, for you and your families and for our families too.

What’s your favorite family memory at Remlinger Farms?

When we have been isolated and in many cases, combining our home and work space, it’s easy to lose site of those memories from last year, the ones that brought us so much joy. Now more than ever, it’s time to reflect upon those memories, draw strength from them and plan for those better days ahead. Fall is on the way after all, and soon you will see tall stalks of corn, bright orange pumpkins and scarecrows smiling back at you from the farmer Gary’s fields!