Remlinger Fires

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Just sitting by the crackling fire…

Some of the fondest FAMILY MEMORIES often happen around a crackling fire while telling stories and roasting hot dogs and s’mores. We want to bring that kind of carefree moment back for you this fall with our Remlinger Fires!

Imagine sitting around the glowing light of the warm fire pit, roasting your hot dogs and marshmallows, surrounded by pristine nature and enjoying the benefits of fresh air and wide open spaces. We do all the work like starting and keeping your fire going. We provide all the supplies like roasting sticks, hot dogs, sodas, marshmallows, graham crackers and don’t forget about the chocolate, yes the CHOCOLATE!

You just sit back and relax with your family and friends and make those special memories that will last you a LIFETIME!

We’ve expanded your experience, now through the end of October every guest will be able to choose their own pumpkin from our u-pick field – THEIR CHOICE FOR FREE! If that weren’t enough, every guest will get the chance to make their way through our giant corn maze.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment…

It’s easy to get lost in the moment while relaxing by your cozy private fire pit, eating good food and enjoying comforting conversations. We know that it is not always convenient or even possible to gather around a fire pit at your home, so we offer a safer alternative, a way to take a moment to enjoy life.

Will beverages be served…

We have affordable options crafted just for you, we can even offer additional food and drinks (including adult beverages) to be added on to make the evening even more special and inviting.

What’s your favorite fall memory while sitting around the firepit with family and good friends?

The sites and the smells from a crackling fire on a crispy fall evening can easily trigger some very special family memories. Finding just the right stick to roast your marshmallow on, gently debating over whether you like the marshmallow slightly toasted or burnt to a charcoal crisp! We could all use a few more evenings like that this fall, relaxing with our loved ones. At Remlinger Farms we try to provide families with every opportunity to create special moments and our new Remlinger Firepits are just another way we have to offer you comfort and quality family time together.

You may book your private firepit at our website or email with any questions.