To keep everything safe for all the families that visit we have our
Remlinger Farms Rules & FAQ's

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Remlinger Family Fun Park Rules
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Fun Park RIDE Rules
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Park Rules

  • All visitors to the park accept the liability waiver printed on wristbands and posted at the entrance. Full verbiage stated at the end of this list.
  • A Wristbands allow visitors to gain and regain entry into the park on the date of purchase only. Wristbands must always be worn inside the park.
  • Wristbands, tickets and/ or passes, if lost or stolen, will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Remlinger Farms (and its' subsidiaries) and any entities associated therewith assume(s) no responsibility for accidents or loss to any person in connection with the conditions, use of or involvement with the property, park, picnic sites, rides, animals, amusements, entrance or departure areas or adjoining retail space.
  • All guests understand that use of and participation with/in/on the property, park, rides, animals, amusement, entrance or departure areas and adjoining retail areas are at his/her own risk.
  • Children under the age of 2 are admitted free of charge (if they've had their 2nd birthday, an admission must be purchased). Children without a purchased admission are NOT ELIGIBLE for most rides, including our pony rides & zipline.
  • At least one parent or guardian over the age of 18 MUST accompany each child (under 18) or group of children.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD PERMITTED inside the park, picnic areas, market, u-pick fields or restaurant
  • Smoking is prohibited in the park, picnic areas, u-pick fields, market and restaurant.
  • **Absolutely NO weapons of any kind, including but not limited to firearms, knives, blades, martial weapons etc., will be permitted on our premises. **
  • Dogs and pets are NOT ALLOWED inside the park, picnic areas, market, u-pick fields, restaurant or anywhere on the property - except on the patio of our brewery.
  • Clothing with inappropriate/offensive language, phrases or graphics are prohibited.
  • While in the park, picnic sites, market, u-pick fields and restaurant, footwear with soles and shirts must always be worn, and hats and scarves are prohibited while on the Mini-Roller Coaster.
  • Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive, abusive or in poor taste is prohibited.
  • Only tickets and/or passes obtained from Remlinger Farms or authorized by Remlinger Farms to sell or distribute will be honored.
  • Tickets and/or passes distributed or sold without Remlinger Farms consent will be confiscated without refund or exchange. Tickets and/or passes are not valid if reproduced in any manner.
  • Due to maintenance and other circumstances, certain rides and attractions (including any new rides) may be closed.
  • Admission to certain rides, shows, attractions, special events and concerts in the park may require an additional charge or be subject to pre-sold admission.
  • Rentals, merchandise, food and games require additional fees.
  • All guests grant Remlinger Farms (and its' subsidiaries) the right to film/ video tape/ photograph guests on the property or in the park, picnic sites, u-pick fields, market and /or restaurant for any purpose (including but not limited to social media, marketing or website use) without payment or consideration thereof.
  • No unpaid visitors will be allowed in the park. All messages for employees must be left in the office or at Customer Service. Messages will be relayed to employees as soon as possible or on their next break.
  • **Remlinger Farms and its' subsidiaries reserves the right to refuse service or admission at any time**
  • WRISTBAND VERBIAGE: "Services are provided to you by Remlinger Farm LLC which uses the name "Remlinger Farms" under license. This wristband, valid on the date of purchase, is a revocable license and may be confiscated with no refund. The bearer of this wristband and/ or his/ her parent/ guardian hereinafter, (Bearer(s)), willingly agree(s) and understands that there is a risk of injury or death and that use of & participation with/in/on the park, picnics, rides, u-pick, restaurant, animals and amusements including entrance and departure areas are at his/her own risk. Bearer(s) knowingly and freely assume(s) all such risks both known and unknown, including an inherent risk of exposure to Covid-19 or any other virus that exists in a public place, even if arising from the negligence of other participants and employees. Further, Bearer(s) agree(s) to assume liability for all medical costs, attorneys' fees, and all other damages resulting from injury to his/herself. Bearer(s), his/her heirs, assigns and representatives hereby hold harmless & agree to fully indemnify Remlinger Farms, affiliates, members, agents, and employees with respect to any and all injury, disability, loss or damage to person or property to the fullest extent of the law. The Bearer(s) of this wristband grants Remlinger Farms the right to film/video/tape/photograph bearer(s) on property for any purpose without payment or consideration thereof."
  • Services provided by Remlinger Farms LLC which uses the tradename "Remlinger Farms" under license.
  • Violation of Park rules will at a minimum result in expulsion without refund.


Rules for All Rides


Use and Participation with/in/on the Property, Park, Rides, Animals, Amusements, Entrance, Departure Areas & Retail Areas are all
4-H Animal Barnyard: Must be accompanied by adult
Must wash hands before exiting the Bamyard area at the hand
‘wash stations provided,
Tolt River Railroad Stream Train Ride: Moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical force. Must be accompanied by an adult. Departure times posted at the Depot
Hay Maze, Hay Jump: Be aware of other children and adults. No jumping when someone is below you. No casts or hard objects. No running on straw bales. Must be accompanied by adult
Antique Car & Country Driving Adventure Ride: has moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical forces. Must be accompanied by adult.
Marble Mountain Play Area: Low Clearance ~ Watch your head. Must be accompanied by adult
Fire Truck Play Area: Must be accompanied by adult


Farm Pony Trail Ride: 1-10 years of age and less than 100 Ibs., 4 years & under must be accompanied by an adult
Northwest Canoe Adventure: Must be under 36” tall and less than 100 Ibs, Ride has moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical forces. Small children must be accompanied by an adult walking along side the canoe.
Swing Carousel: Must be under 36” tall and less than 100 Ibs. Must be old enough and capable of sitting up and holding onto this moving ride independently and on your own, Ride has moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical forces.
Stage Coach and Spring Horse Play Area: Must be accompanied by adult. Must be less than 100Ibs to ride or sit on the Spring Horses
Tiny Tots Ferris Wheel: Must be less than 100 Ibs. Ride has moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical forces.


Flying Pumpkin Ride: Weight limit 275 Ibs per pumpkin, at least 36” tall, high speeds,unusual & stressful physical forces, Must be accompanied by adult
Spinning Barrels of Fun: Weight limit 300 Ibs per barrel, at least 36” tall, high speeds, unusual & stressful physical forces. Must be accompanied byadult
Peddle Cars: Must be at least 48° tall and 6 years old Ride has moderate speeds, unexpected movements & physical forces.
Diggety Dozer Sand Play Area: Weight limit 200 Ibs per dozer. Must be accompanied by adult.
Miniature Roller Coaster: Minimum Height is 33” with an adult at least 18yr. old accompaniment, Must be at least 36” tall to ride alone. Max weight per car is 250#, a maximum of one adult per car, and no scarves or hats permitted.
Dixie Whirly Bird: Must be at least 40” tall. Ride has high speeds, unusual & stressful physical forces. Must be accompanied by adult,



1. Do we have a restaurant?
Yes, we have a full service restaurant (The Railway Café) located at the back of the Farm Market. In the restaurant we have things as easy as a Grab and Go Lunch all the way up to Fish and Chips. We also have hand dipped Ice Cream and some tasty treats coming out of our bakery. Click here for our hours of operation and upcoming events.

2. Do we allow outside food in the park?
No we do not allow outside food in the park, market or restaurant. We have provided picnic tables outside the Market Entrance, and in our Farm greenhouse for your convenience.

3. Do we allow outside pets in the park?
No we do not allow dogs/pets in the Family Fun Park, Market or Cafe, with the exception of service animals (in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990).  We do allow dogs/pets on our outside veranda for our brewery.  For the safety and enjoyment of all guests, any dogs on our veranda must be leashed and under proper control at all times. Any dog owner(s) found with unleashed dogs or not properly controlled even if leashed will be asked to leave, to ensure a pleasant and secure environment for everyone.

4. What’s the weather like there?
The great thing about the Snoqualmie Valley is how we're often in the rain shadow, meaning it can be pouring in Seattle but just mild and cloudy out here!

5. When are U-pick Strawberries in season?
Typically Strawberries come into season early to mid June. We will post on the home page of our website as well as our Facebook page when the fields will open.

6. When are U-pick Raspberries in season?
Typically Strawberries come into season early to mid June. We will post on the home page of our website as well as our Facebook page when the fields will open.

7. When are U-pick Pumpkins in season?
Typically, Pumpkins come into season in late September with plenty of time for halloween. We will post on the home page of our website as well as our Facebook page when the fields will open.

8. Do we allow smoking in the park?
We DO NOT permit smoking on the premises.

9. What are our hours for park, restaurant, and market?
Please just scroll up to our Calendar and you can see our hours for every day of the month.

10. Can I upgrade my day pass to a season or senior pass?
Yes, during a normal year your day pass admission can be easily upgraded to a summer, season or senior pass. This year - 2021 - due to Covid concerns we have temporarily suspended the policy. Please see customer service or our cashier, they will be more than happy to help you with that.

11. When do we open for the Season?
We open for the season each year Mother’s Day week. Please check out our Hours page for more details.

12. When do we close for the Season?
The Park and Restaurant close for the Season at the end of October. The Market stays open until the day before Thanksgiving.

13. Can I buy my passes online?
Yes our website now allows you to buy your passes online. CLICK HERE to connect directly to our shopping cart to buy yours today.

14. What is included with admission to Toddler Weekdays?
We have mechanical rides, our Country Fair rides, Marble Mountain, Pioneer House, our 4-H animals and in the Fall everyone gets to pick our their very own pumpkin from our acres of pumpkin fields.


– Family Fun Park tickets for all guests
– Fully prepared dining area
– Preparation and cleanup done for you
– Party favors

There’s Plenty of fun here at Remlinger Farms
Enjoy your time here being a part of the Remlinger Family!

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